PODOPRINT PLUS - Stabilometry platforms, Baropodometry platforms


DESCRIPTION OF PODOPRINT PLUS - Stabilometry platforms, Baropodometry platforms

Podoprint plus is a revolutionary pressures platform which allows users quick and easy analysis thanks to its last generation sensors with a higher degree of accuracy. 160cm length surface, same features as Podoprint. Uneven ground is prevented, avoiding possible differences in footprints catchment, by the help of monoblock structure. 12,288 detectors analyze 200 frames per second (200 Hz) and indicate the instantaneous pressures with a higher speed. The option to attach a video camera will allow the podiatrist to do the study on dynamic synchronized with the platform catchments.


Namrol designers and engineers work together on a common goal, making the most prestigious and reliable equipment. The main activity is the design, manufacture, marketing and all the services related to equipment, chairs, vacuums, grinders and other podiatry products.

History of the company

Namrol was established in 1992. Guillermo Lorman, its founder, started a business in the emerging podiatry sector in Spain. The initial product's manufacturing was related with the insole preparation field including grinders and vacuums for the thermoforming and orthotics adaptation.

The Podoprint Software is pioneering in the Visual Display System, an innovation in the industry that allows users to view, interpret, modify and print pressure plantar exams. Podoprint plus allows simple and directly access to crucial data. Podoprint do static, dynamic and posturology studies. With the option to attach a video camera the podiatrist will be able to study the dynamic synchronized with the platform catchments. With podoprint plus auto calibration system, (ACM)-Auto-Calibration Mode requires no recalibration over the life platform. The only connection needed is by USB allowing installation in any type of computer, either laptop or desktop.

If you want to find more information about Namrol company itself or its products, including Podoprint plus, visit Namrol official page:  http://www.namrol.com/en/home

Study on dynamic:

• Pressure distribution, support surfaces, weight;
• Step development animation;
• Movement Morphology;
• Graphics Analysis;
• Impressions Comparisons (with or without a computer);
• Spectrum, layout;
• Oscillations Study;
• Wingtip program;
• Graphic (postural instability, deviations, etc.).

Study on static:

• Pressure distribution, support, weight, area, mass, etc.;
• Location of the center of gravity and support;
• Surface of each foot;
• Different visualization methods (3D);
• Printing scale 1/1.

SPECIFICATION OF PODOPRINT PLUS - Stabilometry platforms, Baropodometry platforms

Evaluation type: gait
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