EFC-5200 FFA Fundus Camera - Fundus cameras

EFC-5200 FFA Fundus Camera

DESCRIPTION OF EFC-5200 FFA Fundus Camera - Fundus cameras

The EFC-5200 FFA represents the ultimate in fundus imaging. This highly advanced fundus camera offers fluorescein angiography, indocyanine green angiography and fundus autofluorescence imaging modes. The EFC-5200 FFA is capable of displaying a continuous, real-time, high-quality color fundus photography image and fluorescein monochrome fundus video image. With the 9-dot internal fixation target, the process is simple and convenient for patients. In fact, the EFC-5200 FFA allows you access through pupils as small as 3.3mm. Plus, outstanding software and image processing tools make it convenient for doctors as well. This advanced imaging unit offers outstanding flexibility and the very best in technology.

SPECIFICATION OF EFC-5200 FFA Fundus Camera - Fundus cameras

Ergonomics: table
Type of instrument: non-mydriatic retinal camera
Examination: eye fluorescein angiography
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