Dopplex ABIlity - Non-invasive blood pressure monitors (NIBP)

Dopplex ABIlity

DESCRIPTION OF Dopplex ABIlity - Non-invasive blood pressure monitors (NIBP)

10 reasons why you should have the ABIlity

Extremely easy to use and fully automatic

Minimal training required

No need to rest patient for 15 mins

Reduces total test time

Rapid bi-lateral ABI measurement in 3 mins

Doppler based ABI typically takes 30 mins

Simultaneous measurements reduces time

ABI can now be undertaken by healthcare support staff

Makes the measurement more cost effective

No need to remove patient’s socks or tights

Maintains patient comfort and dignity

Easy to apply 4 cuff system

Improves patient experience

Portable and powered by mains or rechargeable battery

For home or clinical environments

Integral printer for documentation of results and waveforms

Instant hard copy for patient notes and reimbursement

Automatic interpretation of ABI

Reduces operator error

Accurate reproducible results

Clinically proven by recent studies

SPECIFICATION OF Dopplex ABIlity - Non-invasive blood pressure monitors (NIBP)

Applications: intensive care
Other characteristics: TBI
Configuration: portable
Measured parameters: NIBP
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