Surveyor S4 - ECG monitors

Surveyor S4

DESCRIPTION OF Surveyor S4 - ECG monitors

Comfortable and Convenient

Easy-to-handle and lightweight, the innovative Surveyor™ S4 Mobile Monitor can be comfortably worn by patients while in ambulatory settings.

Diagnostic-Quality ECG

Surveyor S4 wireless technology is available in two models; one features 12-leads of diagnostic quality ECG using Mortara’s patented 10-wire LeadForm patient cable which reduces artifact resulting in higher quality tracings; the other displays 7 vectors of ECG using a 5-wire shielded cable.

The WiFi Advantage

Surveyor S4 uses standard WiFi technology, enabling you to leverage past capital investments through integration into your facility's existing wireless network infrastructure. WiFi offers increased capacity and lower cost when compared to proprietary telemetry antenna infrastructures.

Touchscreen Display

Backlit color LCD clearly displays up to 8 channels of ECG. The touch-sensitive display can be used with bare fingers, medical gloves or even a stylus – whatever works best for you and your environment.

Smart User Interface

Surveyor S4 offers an intuitive user interface with large touch targets and automatic screen rotation feature so, no matter the orientation, interaction is optimized.

Intuitive Troubleshooting

Onscreen torso graphic provides a visible indication of your patient’s electrode connections. This useful lead-check feature is displayed when connecting a new patient or can be accessed anytime the ECG signal is in question.

Battery Options

Choose the economical and eco-friendly lithium ion battery or use conventional alkaline AA disposables. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries reduce the per-use cost by lasting longer, supporting optimized S4 operation and generating less waste than comparable alkaline cells.

SPECIFICATION OF Surveyor S4 - ECG monitors

Applications: ambulatory
Other characteristics: with touchscreen, wireless
Configuration: compact
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