Dopplex AR2 - Cardiology software

Dopplex AR2

DESCRIPTION OF Dopplex AR2 - Cardiology software

This NEW version also allows the reporting and archiving of patient records recorded by the new extended applications of the Dopplex Assist series.

It also enables data to be sent from a remote clinic by email to a hospital for review by a specialist. Patient records can also be reviewed by other departments via a hospital network in a client/server configuration.

Standard connection from the Dopplex Assist to a PC is by a serial cable. A wireless LAN option is available providing portability and rapid transfer of data from one or more Dopplex Assist units to a central PC running Dopplex AR2.

The optional wireless LAN package requires an Ethernet port and includes a PCMCIA wireless card and a Wireless router.

Dopplex AR2 requires a PC running Windows 2000, XP and Vista with a RS232 serial or USB port.

Note: The wireless LAN package has MAC address filtering for security and will not support WEP. check with your IT department before purchasing.

SPECIFICATION OF Dopplex AR2 - Cardiology software

Application domain: cardiology
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