The Belmont® buddy lite™ AC - Blood warmers

The Belmont® buddy lite™ AC

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DESCRIPTION OF The Belmont® buddy lite™ AC - Blood warmers

The Belmont® buddy lite™ AC is an AC-powered or battery-powered blood and fluid warmer. It can be used when there are concerns about transfusing a large volume of cold fluids. Could be necessary to use the blood warmer in cases when patients have experienced huge trauma and need large transfusions, or when they are fragile for medical reasons. The unit remains in-line throughout transport. The device and disposables are light and compact and remove air automatically. Military approved bags to hold the unit, warmer, AC/DC power supply, battery, and charger are available. To provide warm blood and fluids for patients, hospitals usually keep multiple warmers on a floor to ensure one will always be available.

The Belmont® buddy lite™ AC has an infusion bag of blood, fluids, or solutions and heats it to a set point that will be safe for the patient before running it through an infusion pump. Infusion rate and the temperature can be controlled by nurses and technicians.

NOTE. Once a patient’s body has started to cool the blood warmer will not offer significant benefits - it is designed to prevent heat loss, not to reverse it.


• Heats 4.4 liters of fluid to 38°C on a single charge
• For inline blood and/or fluid warming
• Weighs 1.6 lbs (0.73kg)
• Optional power supply
• Dry heat, responsive
• Approved for flight
• Water resistant
• Self-priming
• Heater adjusts automatically to flow rate
• Disposable
• Quick setup ~45 seconds
• Accepts all standard infusion sets

The Belmont® buddy lite™ AC can be used in such fields as:

• In emergency settings
• Operating rooms
• Intensive care units
• War zones
• Hospitals
• Ambulances
• Flight line helicopters
• Ski patrols
• Or anywhere warm blood or fluid is needed to save a life

Use the Belmont® buddy lite™ AC:

• For massive transfusions (50% of body blood volume)
• When therapy calls for 25% of body blood volume, but the potential exists that more units may be required or that these units may be carried out rapidly
• When transfusing blood to patients with cold agglutinins

Don't postpone setting up the Belmont® buddy lite™ AC:

− Waiting to set up until it is needed may interrupt the procedure, compromise the sterile field, or cause a significant drop in patient temperature
− The Belmont® buddy lite™ AC can help offset expected heat losses but can’t compensate for such losses once a patient's temperature has already begun to fall


• 905-00010 The Belmont® buddy™ Disposable Set

• Features a large venting membrane which automatically vents out-gassed air during warming, a one-way valve to prevent back flow and a valve to prevent air entrainment

PDF sheet for more detailed information about the Belmont Fluid Management System:

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