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Radiology is the branch of medicine which is connected with the use of radioactive substances in order to diagnose and treat diseases. Without radiology equipment, it would be impossible to know if a person’s bone is fractured, if patient’s lungs are infected, or if pregnant woman’s fetus is healthy. Ultrasounds, X-rays and other radiology services are necessary to create medical pictures and diagnose many diseases. is an online catalog of medical equipment from well-respected manufacturers.

In this category, there are a variety of advanced and innovative imaging devices such as MRI systems, PET scanners, gamma cameras, mobile radiography systems, X-ray generators, dosimeters, ultrasound platform and lots of other medical devices that are widely used in radiology. All these medical devices feature different advanced-technology characteristics. For example, advanced scanning technology of gamma cameras is designed to optimize clarity and sharpness of the image. X-ray film printers proved that even in the most space-restricted environments unit’s small footprint is possible. Dosimeters are instruments, which measures accumulated quantities of gamma and X-radiation. In this category, there is even X-ray protective wear such as a shield for the eyes that protects human’s eyes from big radiation exposure. There are almost 100 devices in radiology section and all of them have innovative features, which help doctors in the field of radiology.

There are few main diagnostic imaging techniques:

• Projection (plain) radiography
• Fluoroscopy
• Computed tomography
• Ultrasound
• Magnetic resonance imaging
• Nuclear medicine

Purposes of using X-ray:

• To examine an area where patient is feeling pain or discomfort
• To monitor the progression of already diagnosed disease
• To check if prescribed medication/treatment is working

There are some conditions when X-ray is necessary:

• Bone cancer
• Breast tumors
• Enlarged heart
• Blocked blood vessels
• Conditions affecting lungs
• Digestive problems
• Fractures
• Infections
• Osteoporosis
• Arthritis
• Tooth decay
• Needing to retrieve swallowed items

We can provide all the necessary information about radiology equipment from well-respected medical suppliers and we can offer you radiology equipment at reasonable price.

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