Transilluminators is a medical equipment directory with a wide collection of high-quality devices and instruments from acclaimed suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world. This category contains a variety of transilluminators, which are presented with informative descriptions and detailed specifications.

Transilluminators are medical devices, used to show sample illumination by transmitting the light through the sample. A wide range of imaging methods is being used by transilluminators. These pediatric devices are specially suitable for premature babies and neonates. With transilluminators help, venous and arterial vessels can be seen very well and almost all devices have LED or just red light, which can penetrate the tissue deeper.

A widely known example of transillumination is producing red glow through the fingers according to red blood cells, that are absorbing other light wavelengths. Other organs, which can be analyzed using transilluminators, are the sinuses, the breasts, and the testes. Pediatricians mostly use transilluminators to shine a light in bodies of newborns because their skeletons are not already fully formed and the light can easily penetrate tissues.

There are some examples of diagnostic applications of transilluminators:

• Hydrocele (Used to diagnose the vaginalis and the testes diseases)
• Hydrocephalus/water head (Used to penetrate the inside of the infant’s skull)
• Pneumothorax/collapsed lungs (Used to indicate the degree of pneumothorax by penetrating the front chest and the back chest)

Transilluminators can reach difficult venous access as:

• Obese patients
• Congenital syndromes patients
• Dark skin patients

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