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An infant radiant warmer is a pediatric device, which maintains a newborn body temperature. The procedure itself provides controlled and safe warming environment for a newborn. Infant radiant warmers can reduce total heat loss, but in condition, that skin temperature is controlled less than air temperature. Usually, infant radiant warmers are mobile and can be effortlessly moved throughout a hospital.

How does an infant radiant warmer work?

Metabolic heat production minimizes the energy and keeps constant skin temperature, which is transmitted to a newborn via thermistor probe. Heat shields, clothing, and double-walls are conditions, that help to increase ambient humidity and protect infants from radiant heat loss.

Comparison with incubators:

Comparing with incubators, the infant radiant warmers have slightly higher the minimal oxygen consumption. Incubators, as well as warmers, can control the air temperature. The partition of body heat loss is quite different: infant radiant warmers eliminate heat loss but increase convective and evaporative heat loss, which can be done by using a heat shield.

The Infant radiant warmer major advantage is not disturbing infant’s thermal environment by providing constant and appropriate skin temperature. These pediatric devices can provide safe and adequate treatment for newborns.  

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