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An infant incubator is a primary care medical device which is used to provide suitable environmental conditions for newborns or ill babies. Air temperature may be controlled according to infant’s skin temperature. Infant incubators also provide a possibility to control a level of humidity and consumption of oxygen.

Functions of infant incubators:

• Mechanical ventilation, airway pressure, oxygen supplementation
• Stabilization of blood sugar, blood salts, blood pressure
• Observation of temperature, respiration, cardiac function, brain activity
• Protection from cold temperature, infections, outside noise, drafts
• Providing nutritions
• Medication administration
• Providing high humidity and fluid

Some infant incubators include a weight scale and X-ray cassette tray. Double wall design help in order to measure accurate hood temperature and humidity and to reduce heat loss.

There are some factors that infant incubators have to satisfy such as temperature, humidity or oxygen provision. The incubator’s temperature is regulated so that the newborn’s body temperature is between 35.5° and 36.6°C (96° to 98°F). Humidity has to be at 50 to 60 percent if there are no difficulties in respiratory. If there are some difficulties, the humidity might be raised at 85 to 100 percent. High concentrations of oxygen can cause retrolental fibroplasia, so the oxygen concentration has to be raised to 30-40 percent only when the newborn is cyanotic.

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