Cardiac Holter monitors is an online catalog of medical equipment from suppliers and manufacturers from various regions of the world. In this category, you can find such general practice devices as Cardiac Holter monitors.

Cardiac Holter monitors are general practice medical devices for determining patient’s condition according to cardiac rhythm. Cardiac Holter monitors give additional information about average heart rate, minimum and maximum heart rate, cardiac dysrhythmia, or they can find areas that are worthy given consideration about treatment. Cardiac Holter monitors have the hardware and the software. The hardware records the signal, and the software helps to analyze the records.

Cardiac Holter monitoring plays a big role in the emergency department. These medical devices help to monitor vital signs in emergency medicine. Electrocardiography also can be included into cardiac holter monitoring process.  

Procedure of cardiac holter monitors:

Electrodes are attached to a patient’s chest and the cardiac holter monitor records signals from the heart. Usually there are from three to eight electrodes, which are placed on the body. To reduce artifacts from human muscular activity, electrodes are located over the bones. Throughout all the recording time, electrodes are connected to a small equipment, which is attached to a patient’s body and helps to save a recording track.

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