Medisal Company Ltd. is founded on april 2009 in Republic of Serbia since when is the leading company in the field of installation and servicing various medical and process equipment and the supply of consumables for a mentioned equipment.

mpany Ltd. owns certificates for ISO 9001 standard and ISO 13485 standard, which in addition to production of medical devices is also based on the service, with th

As we cover the coune emphasis placed on the safety of the user. At this moment Medisal Ltd. is in the process of getting standards for laboratory testing of medical devices – ISO 17025 as well as permission from the Accreditation Body of Serbia.

The company owns the world’s known measuring devices (for which we are distributors too) with a valid license that is renewed every year. The measuring devices are testing different medical devices and after testing you receive a written report with test details.

tries of the region we also have a representative office in the Republic of Macedonia and we are in the final stage of forming a representative office in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to the aforementioned we also provide services in Montenegro and Kosovo.

Company address: Skojevska 23, 11271 Beograd (Surčin), Serbia

Product Range: Laryngoscope

Official website: