Fe.Ma has Been working for over twenty years in the hospital supply sector, with a very wide and diverse range of medical devices ,essentially to be used in the procedures of the operating room .

The acquired knowledge in different fields of application, combined with a careful analysis of the situation and the needs of the market, allow Fe.Ma today to offer customers not only a full range of products of high level technological but also, in association with qualified and specialized partners, innovative, efficient and secure services, through feasibility studies, media planning, research of raw material and component selection .

Fe.Ma's main purpose is to act as a single supplier for a range of specialized and integrated services, allowing the customer to manage fewer suppliers. Through a virtuous cycle of planning, control, greater productivity and efficiency with secure and competitive costs.

Company address: Via Rosa Luxemburg 23,25, 20085 ocate di Triulz, Milan, Italy

Product Range: Laryngoscope

Official website: http://www.femaservizi.com